Delicious Foods You Must Try In Istanbul

The immaculately prepared food is one of the epitomes of Istanbul. Because the locals love to eat rich meaty foods with all the good calories, you’ll find that the dishes you are presented with tantalize your senses and taste buds. Tourists often give this city 5 star with regards to food because unlike other tourist places, this is one which has a wide variety of options for people from different backgrounds.
However, if you would like to stay on track with your health and yet enjoy the best food in the city, here’s a list of some of the most popular foods which you can try.


Can’t resist a good, piping hot pizza? Try out the Pide for some special inspiration. This dish is basically the Arabian twist of pizza and it is basically pizza dough which is half folded over several toppings. The Pide is shaped like a boat shaped pie and is filled with meats, cheese, garlic, sausage and a range of other items. The cherry on top for this dish is that the dough is touched with a slight bit of butter to give it that final yummy effect.


This particular dish comes from the Kastamonu city, which is located in the mid-westof the Black Sea Region. This unique kebab dish gets its name from the way in which it is cooked, ‘Kuyu’, which basically means ‘well’. Both the taste as well as the aroma of this dish is distinctive because one whole male lamb is cooked inside a well-constructed hole over a charcoal fire. However, you will need to hold your horses to get this delicious food into your mouth because it does take a considerable amount of time to cook, especially if it’s a live cuisine.



If you love the combination of hot and cold, you have got to try the Manti, which is also called the Turkish or Arabian ravioli. What makes this dish a true wonder is that it is a hot dish that is delightfully served with cold yogurt and garlic. The Manti basically consists of dumplings made of plain old dough. Inside the dumpling, a mixture of minced beef, onion, salt and pepper is cleverly hidden.


Adana Kebap

If you have a meat enthusiast living inside you, the Adana Kebap is a must have. The dish is named after the city of Adana which is situated in the southeast of Turkey. One of the most unique things about these kebabs is that they can only be made by establishments who have been inspected and approved by the Adana Chamber of Commerce. A committee for a particular kind of food, imagine that! Though the ingredients of the Adana Kebap are few, the preparation and cooking specifications is what makes the dish so special.


Anybody who has visited a country of the Middle East knows about the various open breads which are served. The Lahmacum is a version of this bread and it’s thin or bread like crust is topped with ground meat or lamb, pepper, lemon juice and a few herbs to give it an edge. The fully topped flat bread is then cooked in a brick over for less than a minute, after which you are served with a chewy yet crispy treat. Be sure to eat it while it’s hot!

Istanbul is filled with many other great foods and you’ll need to visit if you really want to find out what you can get. So book your flight and hotel rooms right now and head towards this excellent destination.

Sweet and savory, Istanbul, the highlight of turkey is filled with foods that will excite your taste buds. So no matter what your food preference, you’ll surely find food that pleases you. Get to know about the various techniques and methods used in cooking these foods and be amazed at the shear detail!
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