How to Best Enjoy Your Turkish coffee

When visiting Istanbul, Turkish coffee is one of their cultural foods which you must try. However, before I start telling you about the best way to enjoy your coffee, there is one misconception which needs to be cleared. Many foreigners think that because of its name, the beans of this coffee come from Turkey, but this is not true because no such beans grow in the country. But even though the beans are regular, the method of preparing this beverage is different from the traditional American coffee and so it tastes a lot different as well.
So if you are planning a trip to Istanbul or have already reached and are looking forward to a cup, here are a few things to keep in mind which will make your experience all the more memorable.

Drink it After a Meal

Contrary to the common way other people enjoy their coffees in the morning, the Turkish people usually have a small cup of this beverage after meals. So instead of heading to the nearest café the minute the wake up in the morning, they first have their breakfast and then drink. This practice is followed throughout the day after lunch as well as dinner. If you think about it, this is very beneficial because not only does the coffee aid in digestion but also keeps you alert and active for the rest of the day.

Decide Your Sugar Beforehand

Because of the way that this Turkish coffee is prepared, you will need to decide the sugar level when ordering. You will be given four options; no sugar or sade, little sugar or az sekerli, semi-sweet or orta sekerli and sweet or sekerli. The reason why you won’t be able to mix the sugar in once it is made is because there is a thick layer of coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup and the sugar cannot be stirred in. So make sure you decide beforehand or ask your waiter to decide for you if you don’t have an issue with the sugar level.

Get Your Cup from a Good Restaurant

If you are staying a reputable Istanbul hotel, it is suggested that you visit their restaurant to enjoy your cup of Turkish coffee. Remember that even though this beverage is something that all Turkish people must know, there are numerous restaurants which won’t give you the quality which you are looking for. So instead of wasting money on a bad cup and ending up hating the coffee for the rest of your life, ensure that you invest in one which is prepared by people who are careful and considerate while preparing the coffee. Doing this will not only make you like your coffee but you may even want to have it again while you are in Istanbul.

Smaller Amounts are Ideal

Unlike the traditional coffee, Turkish coffee is best enjoyed in smaller amounts. You will be served a small cup and even then you won’t be able to drink the whole cup. The reason for this is because you must stop drinking once you have reached 1/3 of the cup because the rest is just ground coffee beans which taste bad and are thick. So when you are being served a cup, don’t ask for a bigger one because this is an ideal size which will be more than enough.

Sip Slowly and Gradually

Turkish coffee is quite strong. One to two sips will wake up your senses and you will start to rise from your slumber. However, don’t make the mistake of drinking your Turkish coffee all at once but instead take small sips and drink gradually. Don’t worry about it getting cold because it is quite hot when served and doesn’t get cold very easily.

If you are a coffee lover and visiting Istanbul for business or pleasure, the Turkish coffee is a must have. So what are you waiting for? Go get you cup right away!


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